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Find a Motel or Hotel In Wildwood, N.J.

Wildwood, NJ has many different types of accomodations to choose from for your summer vacation, whether you stay in Wildwood, Wildwood Crest or North Wildwood NJ. From cozy bed and breakfast establishments to luxury beachfront hotels and motels to luxury condos and resorts, townhomes, single family homes, etc. Many of the hotels and motels have pools and many of the condos and townhomes also have pools. The resort hotels often have more amenities than the motels.

Many of the hotels and motels in Wildwood have been torn down and condos have been built in their place. But there are still lots of hotels and motels to choose from. Many of them are oceanfront as well. Many of them have undergone a facelift to keep up with the condos and townhomes that are for rent and most of Wildwood’s over 200 Doo Wop style hotels and motels have been fully restored. Many of the hotels and motels have added game rooms, exercise rooms and jacuzzis to compete with the pricier but well worth it resorts that have been built such as Seapointe Village or Beldons Coastal Colors.

The architectural theme of the Doo Wop hotels have the common trait of loud colors, irregularly shaped building and bright neon signs. With the arrival of the Beatles in the 1960's, the loudness of the Doo Wop era was being replaced with a more subdued architecture. The hotels in Wildwood fell into disrepair in the 1960's which caused tourism to fall. By the 80's Wildwood was in full decline. Come the 90's came a restoration of the hotels and motels. Wildwood became popular again.

Wildwood has a vast selection of prices. One can find cozy reasonably priced oceanfront condos by owner such as those at Summer Sands or an established lower priced motel such as the Jolly Roger. Or coming in 2008, if the owners choose to rent, one will be able to find large LUXURY oceanfront condos with huge veradas at The Grand. In any case, Wildwood has something for everyone. We have heard about folks who have always stayed in other Jersey Shore towns and are now coming to Wildwood for all that it offers.